For years, 10584015_10152304972499503_3904114174696105347_nteachers have used characters from stories in the classroom to teach about literacy, social understanding, moral behaviour and aims and ambitions.  In terms of using film in the classroom, it is simply a case of using characters in films as well as than those in books.

Whilst watching a film it is easy to pause it and discuss aspects of the characters in the frame.  Here are a few starter questions and some activities:

  1. Why do we see this character now?
  2. What does this character want?
  3. What do you know about this character? (and how do you know it?)
  4. What does this character like?
  5. Where does this character live?
  6. What about the characters in the story that we cannot see, what are they doing now?
  7. Make a list of all the things that this character may have done in his or her life.
  8. Write down what this character will do next.
  9. Draw a picture of this characters father/mother/pet/house/garden.
  10. Write a letter inviting this character to your school.

Here is a link to further resources and activities.