1002312_10151773337378582_192230457_nColour is an aspect that can only be analysed in a visual medium.  It is a subject that even very young children can have strong opinions about and film is a great entry point to explore these passions.   Colours have meaning and these meanings are not static.  I remember a great discussion in a class of  6 year-olds about “goodies and baddies”.  My own staid believe that goodies wear white and baddies wear black was challenged when I asked the class “what colours do baddies wear?”.  A girl responded with “white!”.  I was a little surprised but asked her to say more about it.  She explained how baddy scientists wear white coats.  Clearly this was an example of rational analysis supported by evidence.  She felt confident to express her opinion and was able to back it up with a good example.  The best films use colour in symbolic and exciting ways.  Watch this extraordinary film: