IMG_1375 There are many activities linked to making films that do not involve using a camera. Drama is the first place to begin.

This is an excellent starting activity:

  1. Watch a good short film, pause it in several places and discuss the use of the camera with the class.
  2. Choose two volunteers.
  3. Position the volunteers at the front of the class about ten feet apart.
  4. Upon the order “GO!” each person will take one step, aligning their toe with their heel.
  5. They continue this process until their noses touch!
  6. Now the process is repeated but everyone in the class is the director, PAUSE the action, ask the class “where would you put a camera to best tell this story?”
  7. Now get the class to storyboard the action in 6 shots.

New to storyboarding?


Example storyboard.

A great way to make films without a camera is to use Microsoft Photostory.

You can create films using still digital images, text, voiceover, music and sound effects using Photostory. With planning, preparation and a good understanding of the language of film, the results from primary pupils can be astounding.  Watch this: